Textiles firm and charity team up to help the homeless
By DBLogic on 14/12/2017

An industrial dry cleaning company is reducing its carbon footprint and a homeless charity has seen its clothing bank initiative go from strength to strength after joining forces with the help of a local businessman.

IT specialist Dave Barrett is managing director of Rugeley-based DBLogic (DBL), which provides SCI Textiles, also based in Rugeley, with a bespoke IT solution. In his spare time he volunteers with House of Bread Stafford, an independent charity set up in 2010 to support people who are homeless.

Dave realised that if the two organisations were to work together House of Bread would benefit from a sustainable supply of quality clothing while SCI Textiles would be able to reduce the number of items it sends to landfill so he sounded out both parties and put them in touch with each other.  

House of Bread director Will Morris said: “People who use our services often need a change of clothes or bedlinen but, for whatever reason, find it challenging to access mainstream shopping and that’s why we set up our clothing bank.

“By volunteering with us Dave is already making a difference, but it’s thanks to him that we’ve been able to link up with SCI Textiles and with their fantastic support our clothing bank has turned into a tremendously successful initiative.”

Following an insurance payout to the customer, SCI Textiles typically sends garments, bedlinen and soft furnishings damaged by fire or flood and considered to be beyond economic repair to landfill. Thanks to the tie up with House of Bread, finding an alternative means of garment disposal has enabled SCI to significantly improve its environmental credentials.  

Around 95% of the clothes and bedding donated by SCI Textiles is put to good use by House of Bread. Volunteers sort the items and pass on whatever the organisation cannot use to other charities or send it to rag agencies, bringing in useful extra income. House of Bread recently replaced bedding at the Eagle House hostel in Stafford and the Macari Centre in Stoke-on-Trent and has also donated items to the Cats Protection and a home for retired greyhounds for use as animal bedding.

Chris Dale, director of Rugeley-based SCI Textiles, commented: “When Dave mentioned his charity work I agreed that it made perfect sense for us to support House of Bread’s clothing bank and I’m delighted that other worthy causes stand to benefit from our arrangement.”

In a further move to give something back to the community, SCI Textiles has nominated House of Bread as its chosen charity for 2017-2018.  It is planning a series of staff challenges to raise funds towards the costs associated with the provision of House of Bread’s core services. The charity also hopes to set up a new telephone support line and recruit additional caseworkers.