Interconnectivity between your various business systems and between you and your customers and suppliers is today key to gaining a technological edge over your competitors. At DBL we specialise in integrated systems, tying together your data to form the basis of business intelligence or cross-domain functionality.


Simplicity and transparency are the keys to unlocking the benefits that your data can bring you. The best dashboards distil and enhance the raw material of your data, and transform them into information that can be understood at a glance, but yet provide a clear indicator of the state of numerous complex, interlocking business areas. At DBL we have experience in creating dashboards combining simple charts, balanced scorecards, RAG statuses and drill-down matrices to help inform executive decision-making.


Too often organisations treat IT systems as a one-way street where data goes in and is processed, but then remains archived and is never touched again. DBL can help your organisation take that data and transform it into information that can drive your business forwards. With experience in developing reporting solutions in Business Objects, Crystal Reports and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, DBL can recommend the best approach to take to leverage your existing data, and to expand upon it to create functional and analytical reports which can be used for day-to-day processing and long-term decision-making.


One of the key challenges of an organisation with multiple separate systems is how to bring these together for users in a harmonious and functional manner. Portals provide a means of doing this. In their simplest form, these can be straightforward ‘drop-off’ points for the various applications (internal- or cloud-based) your business uses. More sophisticated examples use portlets to bring together information from these different systems, and can function as dashboards.

VOIP and Communication

We all use the telephone as part of our day to day operation of our businesses just as we use our business system. Often the business system will hold all of our customer or prospect contact details and so at DBL we recognise the time and effort that could be saved by linking or integrating the two sides.

To this end we identified the 3CX Microsoft Windows-based telephone system which not only provides all of the expected standard telephony functions but an interface to allow us as developers to access that functionality directly from our applications. From placing calls directly from the application through to data updates on incoming calls time and effort can be greatly reduced.

In addition often the change to using Voice Over IP (VOIP) can provide significant cost savings over traditional ISDN lines.

If you feel your business- could benefit from integrating your telephone system then give us a call on 01889 572000.