What We Offer

DBL provide a complete end-to-end service producing bespoke software solutions that meet your business requirements perfectly. You gain the benefit of our two decades of experience in the marketplace, as we analyse your business and determine the perfect software system to meet your needs, time and budgetary constraints.

Using industry-standard practices and back-end platforms including Microsoft SQL Server and the .NET Framework, DBL builds all its systems on solid foundations with an eye on reliability and scope to match the customers’ business as they grow in the future. All systems are also provided with the option for complete technical and functional support, ensuring that customers always have somewhere to turn when they need help or advice.

Why Go Custom

With custom software, you get a perfect fit against your specification. Rather than purchasing an off-the-shelf solution that requires expensive and timely consultancy to move closer to how your organisation works, custom software is purpose-built to your exacting requirements. There’s no wasted functionality, no need to work around aspects of the system that were built with somebody else’s needs in mind. Everything is built just as you want it.

Modular Approach

Unlike standard software that can be quite inflexible, all our systems are built with further development in mind. As your business grows and changes, our software is designed to adapt.If you require additional functionality or changes to your business rules, we will work with you to provide them, and seamlessly build them into your software.

Our Methodology - SCRUM

At DBL we follow an agile development methodology known as Scrum. This emphasises your involvement in the design and build of your system, and helps you to priortise the order of development. We take the essential and desirable features that make up your system, and compile a ‘backlog’ of items that we work through in the sequence you specify. Through Scrum we are also able to be much more adaptive to your changing needs and ideas throughout the course of development, with your feedback coming at regular points throughout the application lifecycle.

We encourage all our clients to get as involved as possible in the creation of their unique system, as experience has shown that this leads to the highest level of satisfaction and success.