DBL believe that IT systems should be viewed as solutions; solutions to the inefficiencies a business might have, solutions to the question of how to grow.

The best IT systems grow out of a strong desire to change an organisation for the better, to support what you do well and help provide a resolution for your weaker areas.

DBL have been working with a vast range of organisations for nearly two decades to provide them with the infrastructure and process analysis they need to drive forward positive changes. From simple databases through cross-system business intelligence systems, to complete end-to-end process management and full reporting solutions, DBL can provide you with what your organisation needs and deserves.

Integrated Knowledge

The challenge faced by many organisations today is how to bring their information world together. With data stored in multiple enterprise systems, local databases or documents, it can be extremely difficult to gain the valuable insights that could be achieved by collating all this information. DBL can help you integrate your systems and provide you with true business intelligence, harmonising your data and relating it together meaningfully.

Bespoke Solutions

DBL produce custom solutions that are built specifically for your needs. With features designed exactly how you want them to meet your exact requirements, DBL can provide the perfect system for your business. Working within the time and budgetary constraints you specify, we will work with you to produce a system that is just what you need.

Although each system we build is unique, we base them on proven building blocks and industry-standard, enterprise-level practices and standards to ensure you are getting a solution that is robust and reliable.

Cloud-ready Systems

Software as a service offers you resilience and reliability without the worry of maintaining your own dedicated infrastructure. Through our own servers or, for more demanding applications, via one of our trusted hosting partners, DBL can provide you with a business platform that just works. For a business that just wants to get on with what it does best and not lose sleep over backup plans, operating system updates or hardware refreshes, a cloud-based solution can be ideal and cost-effective. Cloud systems often bring concerns over security, but at DBL we understand the confidentiality of your data, and ensure that it is as safe as if it were on your own premises.


Your data is one of your greatest assets, and through proper management and interpretation of it you can grow your business and increase your revenues. DBL provides systems that not just store and retrieve data, but are data-driven, responsive to changing circumstances and providing proactive insights tailored to your needs.