DBL realise that one of the most crucial aspects of any IT system is the support offered after-sales. We take pride in providing a fast and responsive service that can react according to the level of urgency. If a major problem arises, we will allocate the necessary resources to overcome it.

There’s no call-centre, and clients are able to talk directly to our technical staff on a one-to-one basis. Either through telephone, email or our dedicated support portal, all calls are routed to the relevant member of our support team. We aim to address any support incidents within the same working day, and typically find that a large proportion are resolved during the initial communication.

Flexible Contracts

DBL offers a range of support contracts which are custom designed to your needs as a business and the nature of your solution. All fixed-price bespoke systems come with 90 days free support, and then contracts are typically arranged on a twelve monthly basis.

Dedicated Support Team

DBL has a dedicated support team to help provide rapid assistance to any issues or queries you may have. With technical knowledge of all of our systems, the support team are able to offer a complete front-line service which can resolve the majority of issues within minutes. The support team have direct access to the development team, and so can liaise with them in the event of more involved issues.

Our Philosophy

Your relationship with DBLogic will not just end with receiving your software. It's services will continue for as long as you need us in the form of support, be it bugs, changes and even enquiries about your software the support team will assist.

We see your software as an extension of your process, and as your process changes so we understand must your software. Every member of DBLogic is dedicated to facilitating that change and ensuring its successful integration.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." - Socrates

Live Online Tracking

As part of our support, our customers can view and track their support tickets online via our support portal.

Please follow the link to visit the DBLogic Support Portal: DBL Support Portal